FAIRFIELD, CA — Normally quiet neighborhoods turned into crime scenes when Fairfield police raided five illegal marijuana grow houses this week.

Fairfield police spokesman Sgt. John Divine said the two-month-long investigation began with a tip about a location in east Fairfield that later spanned across city, county and state lines.

“The detectives, through diligent work, not only uncovered that home but four other houses that were also involved in illegal grow operation,” Sgt. Divine explained.

Three of the illegal marijuana grow houses were uncovered in Fairfield, a fourth in Vacaville and the fifth in Lathrop’s River Islands neighborhood.

“They located over 4,400 marijuana plants, along with 95 pounds of marijuana known as shake, and that’s used to make a butane honey oil, which is a form of concentrated cannabis,” Divine told FOX40. “They did safely recover an illegally-possessed rifle, which we certainly don’t want on the street.”

Police arrested and cited two people from San Francisco and two others from New York for illegal cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale.

Investigators are working with the district attorney’s office to seize all five homes from the owners.

“Hopefully put that message out there that don’t bring your grow house to our neighborhoods because you may wind up losing everything. And turn that over and sell it to a nice family who work that moves in,” Divine said.

Police said it’s important to rid neighbors of illegal grow operations because not only do they make it harder for legitimate businesses to be successful, but they could also lead to electrical fires or other more dangerous crimes.

“It’s not something you want next door. I don’t want next door to me,” Sgt. Divine said. “It’s just not safe to have in your neighborhood.”

Officials said this case is a perfect example of what collaboration between residents and police can accomplish.

“That work collaboration with the public and the police department is what made this come to light,” Divine explained.